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Why the World Need Value Added Writers

Why the World Need Value Added Writers
Why the World Need Value Added Writers

Why the World Need Value Added Writers, In this modern age, writers must strive to add values to others. They must use carefully chosen words to persuade their readers to buy into their product or service.

Words are powerful. As the Bible says, the power of life and dead is in the tongue. That is, what we think, say or write could make or mar us.

Our world is becoming increasingly complex by the day. The demands of modern age are telling on individuals, groups, government agencies and the entire public.

Whether you are in business, relationship, marriage, education, banking, government, media, accounting service, manufacturing, consultancy or studying, etc, you must face challenges.

We cannot escape challenges. We only need to recognized and face them. This is the immutable laws of life.

But, let us be real here. We create most of our challenges and it is in overcoming these challenges that we grow in knowledge, experience and understanding.

Yes, some people will think the challenges facing them are caused by factors outside themselves. This is not entirely correct. In most cases, we create our world by our thought, words and deeds.

So, what is the role of a value added writer here? Well in this complex, ever evolving world, a writer who is determined to add value to others must use carefully chosen words to solve a specific problem, reduce pain and increase pleasure for the readers.

A housewife going through marital challenges due to barrenness for instance is only interested in getting specific information on how best to overcome her barrenness.

If a preacher approaches the woman, quoting the Bible from Genesis to Revelation a thousand and one times and telling the woman God bless you a hundred times, it could not solve the problem on ground.

But, if a trained or experienced person versed in solving issues related to barrenness tells the barren woman what to do to overcome her problem, it is most likely that woman will listen and apply the instructions given.

If the person is a writer, who comes out with specific information on how to help the woman overcome her barrenness, he or she becomes a hero, not the preacher to the woman at that particular point in time.

Also, in the media, editors are always on the lookout for articles that will solve specific challenges facing the readers.

These challenges could be in the area of business, politics, security, relationship, agriculture, education, health, investment, personal finance, etc.

Therefore, a value added writer, who assists in overcoming these challenges of the readers through the media, is likely to make money over time.

The focus from my understanding here is that a value added writer must:

Reduce pains.

Increase Pleasure.

Solve specific challenge or problem.

Give insight.

These are the points writers who desire to add timeless values to their readers must ponder on.
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