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Young Farmer Investment Stream – Canada Immigration

Young Farmer Investment Stream – Canada Immigration
Young Farmer Investment Stream – Canada Immigration

Young Farmer Investment Stream – Canada Immigration, Canada Immigration programs are designed to cater to the different needs of immigrants. Whatever your occupation or expectations, you will find an immigration program that best suits and works for you. The Canada Provincial Nominees Scheme business stream is broken into the Provincial Nominee Program for business and Young Farmer Nominee Program.

The PNP for the business makes it possible for the Canadian province to recruit and nominate business people who are qualified from across the world and who have the ability and intent to move to Canada to establish, become partners or purchase a business. The Young Farmer investment stream on the other hand makes it possible for applicants interested in starting a farm or purchasing one in the province of Canada to do so even without meeting the qualifications of PNP stream for the business.

Who is eligible?

Just like any other program, not every young farmer qualifies for this immigration program. To be eligible, you must:

· Have a minimum personal net worth of $150,000 CAD

· Make a minimum equity investment of $150,000 CAD

· Be under 40 years of age if you are the principal applicant

· Demonstrate minimum 3 years farm ownership experience or farm management experience for that matter

· Have marketable skills to supplement farm income; this can be for principal applicant or spouse

· Undertake exploratory visit to the province of Canada to investigate farming opportunities and quality of life there; this visit lasts seven days minimum

· Make the business investment that is eligible in the province

· Have dependents willing to reside in the province

· Be willing to deposit good faith of $75,000 CAD with the province once the nomination is approved; this is refundable without interest once business investment in the application is made

· Demonstrate that farm income and off- farm supplementary income will certainly provide excess of $35,000 CAD per annum after taxes

Self-employed farmer stream

This stream is designed for farm operators and owners who have proven management skills and financial resources to establish sustainable farming businesses in Canada. The applicants need to prove prior managerial experience with existing farming businesses, provide documentation to prove training, education and work experience that is relevant in developing the farming business in their desired province in Canada. They must also have a proposed business plan for the operation and provide evidence of financial investment from a Canadian financial institution for the proposed farming business. An investment of $500,000 CAD equity is also required and the applicant must demonstrate that they can invest more than this amount.

Who does not qualify?

If you are still wondering whether you qualify for the self-employed farmer stream, here is a breakdown of applicants who are not eligible for the immigration program.

· Refugee claimants of those involved in the Federal removal process or appeal because the young farmer nominee program is not allowed to intervene in federal refugee claims, removal or appeal processes.

· Live-in caregivers also do not qualify for the program even if they currently live in Canada

· Temporary foreign workers residing or working in different provinces in the country

· International students in Canada for studies and those in internships or co-op work placements in their study programs.

The young farmer investment stream offers a great opportunity to farmers wishing to spread their wings and test the prospects in Canada. Get more details and try your luck today.
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